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What choices you have to start Free Zone Company in Dubai ?

As far as free zone company setup is concerned, you have 3 choices as to how to go about it. You can incorporate directly with the free zone, you can go through a law firm or you can incorporate through a business consultant.

Going directly though the free zone has its challenges. Free Zones handle hundreds of inquiries each day. Getting personalized attention is often a hassle as many of the responses are standardized templates that employees are provided with to save time. The customer service levels vary greatly across the various jurisdictions. By cutting out any intermediaries, the cost of setting up directly with the free zone is the most inexpensive option. However, many investors will tell you that it’'s often the post incorporation service is what truly matters and this is where some jurisdictions drop the ball.

Some investors prefer to go through law firms. Many internationally known law firms have special departments that cater to company incorporation. The cost of going through a law firm is the highest among the 3 available options. Law firms also limit themselves to company incorporation services only, which mean that for all government services such as visas and identity cards, the client has to go through the free zone or the allocated government services department.

Last but not least, many savvy investors go through business consultancy firms. Firms such as ourselves, provide a one stop shop solution to the client. We act as intermediaries and conduct client transactions on their behalf, we do all the follow ups and document submission. We provide many value added services that law firms and the free zones themselves don't provide.

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