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How to set up business in Dubai?

Business Set up Dubai is a professional services company who can take care of all your business needs.

Dubai is the #1 business location in the Middle East and there are hundreds of reasons to set up business in Dubai or expand your existing business.
Businesses operating from free zones in Dubai now drive a full 40 per cent of the Emirate's Dh217 billion (USD 59 billion) export market as the importance of the economic clusters continues to grow.
Growth of trade from Dubai's Free Zone businesses, in particular, illustrates how much of an effect these companies are having on the local economy. Many business consultancies have also popped up in free zones in recent years. While the turnover of these consulting services are not included in Dubai Exports data, they are also having a major effect on the local economy, experts say.

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Setting up a business on your own is possible, but so is plumbing, vehicle repair or home repair, I am sure you depend on professionals for these services, why would business set up be any different? Do you want to spend hours gathering information from the various free zones or would you rather go in for a free consultation where a seasoned professional can tell you what is right for your type of business!

Here is a 7 step guide on how to start your Dubai business:

  1. Contact us at +971 4 430 1245 or Email us at to schedule an appointment with one our consultants.
  2. Be prepared to share what type of business you wish to incorporate.
  3. Our consultant will guide you as to what jurisdiction is best for your type of company, along with a breakdown of costs and timelines.
  4. We will provide you with all the necessary forms and requirements that you need to get your company started
  5. One of our PRO’s will escort you to your chosen business incorporation jurisdiction to sign your company documents
  6. Once document and payment formalities are completed, you will receive an approximate timeline as to when your particular procedures will be completed.
  7. Once the company incorporation is completed, we will provide you the company trade license and associated documents.

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